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Two years ago, I posted my previous blog-post.
Two years ago I was starting my third year of a journalism-degree.
Two years ago I lived in a cellar-apartment half way under ground, with majestic mountains as my strangling neighbors and a nine hour long drive over these mountains to get to where I still call home: Larvik.

Since then I have switched letters for cucumbers, and my work day no longer involves sitting still in front of a screen - rather the opposite. This farmer-life is temporary, maybe, but my writing is ever-lasting, though not always prioritized. Born and raised on a farm, this is where the heart is I guess.

But soon now my heart will travel again. Soon I will be over the clouds, landing in a country I have dreamt of visiting ever since I was a little girl dreaming of looking like the beautiful Japanese girls with their silky black hair - quite the opposite of my un-willing curly wild blonde hair.

We will start in Japan, and move around for six weeks. The travel-route w…

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