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What no one told me about traveling

A traveller's secret No one ever talks about what it can do to you, seeing all these different people living all their different, unique, yet meaningless lives. The small moments are what I travel for. Not to see the Sydney Opera House, the Empire State Building, or La Sagrada Familia in Barcelona. Sure, I will probably go see the sights - because I’m there and because some of the sights are pretty and magnificent and breath taking. But I do not want to see them just for the selfie. I travel not for the big sights, but for the big moments with the random people you happen to meet along the way. You will meet them, they are everywhere, and they will talk to you if you welcome the world into your comfort zone. These people inhabit the places you visit, the places you photograph, the places you day-dream of when you are back home in your safe, own, cosy bed, and the world seems miles and hours and worlds away - in a good way. These people are walking beside you on y

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